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2032 Our Children's War by Matt Quade

300 million Indonesians are packed onto 1.9 million square kilometres of rapidly depleting farm and forest land. With its back to the wall fighting Islamic extremists in its own homeland, the Indonesian Army has made its case to the government in Jakarta. There is only one viable option to provide living space before the 8000-island archipelago is engulfed in civil war and religious extremism. The Australian continent of only thirty million infidels is ripe for the picking, less than five hundred kilometres away at its closest point.

Australian politicians have saddled the nation with crippling debt, worthless submarines and combat aircraft, to fight an enemy they do not understand. The armada of small Indonesian crossing vessels is assembled and the assault, supported by Russian-supplied airpower, begins on the northern Australian coastline. Already circling the weakened Australians and keen to end US influence in the Pacific region, China discretely backs the invasion. Prime agricultural assets purchased by the Chinese are prepared in advance as Forward Operating Bases for the invading force.

As the landing craft continue to arrive, a ramshackle civilian insurgency and the Indonesian army lock horns on Australian soil. The rebels have a choice. They either submit to the invader, and the Islamist forces following in its wake. Or they fight, both the invader and their own traitors who sold the country’s strategic assets in the first place.