The Baghdad Bugle - Iraq, Haiti, Libya (Libya)

Excerpt from another private security contractor in Libya during the revolution; 

It was a bit emotional at times being here during the revolution. It often wasn't as dangerous as I thought it would be. Around the city you'd hear automatic gunfire then it would quieten down, you'd go out shopping, hear more gunfire but it wasn't that big a deal really. I was walking down the street one day when word got back that Ghaddafi had been caught. One elderly woman, stopped her taxi, got out, took the AK-47 assault rifle from the nearest soldier and let rip a long burst into the sky. She had a little difficulty keeping the weapon upright and ended up spraying the tops of nearby buildings with live rounds. In the spirit of the moment, the young local guys didn't want live rounds coming their way but didn't want to spoil her fun either. They all got together and helped her hold the weapon upright so she could let rip with another good burst toward the heavens. When she got back into the taxi to be on her way she said something to the taxi driver. When I asked what it was, my interpreter explained that she had wanted to be able to do that for the last 42 years. The downside during that period was the effect of gravity. At least 60 people in the city were killed during that period from the rounds falling back to earth. It was the same when Saddam was caught. It was estimated that at least 33 people were confirmed killed in Baghdad from falling rounds as a result of the same type of celebrations.
As for Ghaddafi, he received only a fraction of the treatment he meted out during his lifetime. It was the Benghazi militia who caught him, quite a prize as it was in Benghazi where the revolution began. Their plans for Ghaddafi went awry however when the Misrata militia arrived who seriously outweighed the Benghazi militia in terms of manpower and weaponry. The Misrata crew forced the Benghazis to hand Ghaddafi over. Low level abuse began with tying him to the bonnet (hood) of one their trucks, accelerating, braking and throwing him off. Then they turned a little more serious, driving long knives into his rectum. This was just the beginning, his genitals were next, being completely slashed off with the same knives. Ghaddafi was still alive however and this was exactly how they wanted him to remain. The intention being to bring him back to Misrata as a trophy. Now it was time for the plans of the Misrata militia to go awry. One of the Benghazis was determined to be the one to finish Ghaddafi and keep the rightly deserved honour for his city where the revolution began. Sneaking into the group he approached Ghaddafi, who was still alive and shot him in the head.
Excerpt from private security contractor in Libya during the revolution;
I'm still in Libya and based out of the besieged city of Misrata about 200kms east of Tripoli ....... I stayed for a while in Benghazi before coming to Misrata. The situation in the city isn't too bad now and the front line has been pushed out to about 30 kms from the city, outside of grad rocket range which have been used extensively here. There was a battle and a half here between Gaddafi (G) force soldiers and the rebels in the city centre that killed a large number of people. The G force had set up a number of sniper positions around the centre of town near Tripoli Street whereby they shot many innocent civilians, old men, women and children. The G force also used a number of tanks in the area to support the snipers and destroy the buildings. It's been quite amazing to see how a bunch of untrained civilians with no weapons have managed to take back their city. They're very much like a bunch of wild west cowboys but they have big balls!
We now commute from Misrata to the front line which is around 30kms from Misrata at a place called Dafniya. There have been a number of hairy moments when we have been there and there has been a load of incoming shelling from arty, mortars, and grads. When we were there the other day the shelling was really quite bad due to G forces trying to break through the line and push back into Misrata. The rebels lost 31 men and had 145 wounded that day, quite shocking mate. Was there yesterday and the rebels have moved forward about 5 klicks but stopped due to leaflets dropped by NATO saying that anyone caught near any weaponry will be killed. It was all aimed at the G forces but they aren't too sure about if it also applies to them so their advances stopped until NATO strikes. Nato struck last night apparently, we are due to go up the line again this evening to check if any damage. Yesterday was a bit quiet but had a few moments where we had arty coming in, some landing a bit close for comfort, not the first time.