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Excerpt from another private security contractor in Libya during the revolution;

It was a bit emotional at times being here during the revolution. It often wasn't as dangerous as I thought it would be. Around the city you'd hear automatic gunfire then it would quieten down, you'd go out shopping, hear more gunfire but it wasn't that big a deal really. I was walking down the street one day when word got back that Ghaddafi had been caught. One elderly woman, stopped her taxi, got out, took the AK-47 assault rifle from the nearest soldier and let rip a long burst into the sky. She had a little difficulty keeping the weapon upright and ended up spraying the tops of nearby buildings with live rounds. In the spirit of the moment, the young local guys didn't want live rounds coming their way but didn't want to spoil her fun either. They all got together and helped her hold the weapon upright so she could let rip with another good burst toward the heavens. When she got back into the taxi to be on her way she said something to the taxi driver. When I asked what it was, my interpreter explained that she had wanted to be able to do that for the last 42 years. The downside during that period was the effect of gravity. At least 60 people in the city were killed during that period from the rounds falling back to earth. It was the same when Saddam was caught. It was estimated that at least 33 people were confirmed killed in Baghdad from falling rounds as a result of the same type of celebrations.
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